Undergraduate Program


Course Rationale

  The department not only expects students to be enthusiastic about education and characteristics of primary teachers’ course schedule- by classes, but also sets up some courses for child learning industry, children’s literature editing, computer and multimedia, and etc. to meet the needs of educational flow and society activities.

  Moreover, we focus on broadening students’ international vision, strengthening their competiveness, offering some courses about the cross-national comparison of curriculum, comparative education and second languages, such as Japanese, Korean, German, and etc..

Course Structure

  Our course structure consists of General Courses (28 credit hours), Areas of Specializations (80 credit hours), and Elective Courses (20 credit hours). Areas of Specializations are divided into Education Fundamental Theory and Research Methods, Administration and Policies, Curriculum and Instruction, Field Instruction and Teaching Materials & Methods. Students should select their elective courses based on their interests, career orientations and needs.

  Students can also take their primary education program and select different optional courses based on their career and interest. For those who wish to take secondary education, childhood education and special education program, students are required to pass the qualification evaluation from our Center for Teacher Education and Careers Service prior to be admitted to the those programs.

Course Introduction

2015 、2012 、2011 、2010 、2009 、2008

Course Structure and Course List

2016 、2015 、2014 、2012 、2011 、2010 、2009 、2008

Areas of Specialization Freshman Sophomore Junior
Education Fundamental Theory
  • Introduction to Education
  • Educational Psychology I, II
  • Sociology of Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • History of the West Education / History of Chinese Education (Choose one)
  • Research Methods
  • Educational Statistics
  • Educational Inquiry Methodology I, II

  • Graduation Project I, II
    Administration and Policies
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Law
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Curriculum
  • Introduction to Curriculum
  • Curriculum Development and Design
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Instruction
  • Principles of Instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Learning Assessment
  • Teaching for/of Thinking Skills
  • Teaching Materials and Methods

  • Teaching Materials and Methods of Mathematics in Elementary School
  • Teaching Materials and Methods of Language in Elementary School---Materials and Methods of Teaching Mandarin
  • Degree Requirements

    Course Structure With Primary Education Program Without Primary Education Program
    General Courses Basic Courses 10 credit hours
    Elective 18 credit hours
    Areas of Specialization Required 41 credit hours
    Elective 39 credit hours
    Primary Education Program 22 credit hours
    Elective Courses 20 credit hours
    Total credit hours 150 credit hours 128 credit hours